As reported on Wednesday, September 4, “Russian conversation” with reference to Ukrainian mass media in Poland has launched a train with unique design map, where the Ukrainian city of Lviv, Lutsk, Rovno, and Brody outlined how the Polish settlements.

This is done in honor of the anniversary of the Second Polish Republic, which was part of the above city.

This fact does not seriously alarmed the Ukrainian social network.

“Polish brothers struck our city on their trains. Well all. This is not goodbye. Khan harvest of cabbage” – ironically blogger Dmitry Marunich.

“Not just struck, and struck within the state border of the Republic of Poland” – adds Alexey Bakulev.

“While not written by Lamberg, so Peremoga!” – joking users.

Earlier in Poland accused the Tusk that he had allowed Moscow to “flip the table” of Europe.

It was also reported anxiety that engulfed Warsaw due to the cancellation of the visit of Donald trump.