In the case of the seizure of hostages in Odessa, new information. About it reports “Duma”, reports “Russian conversation”.

July 7, a man walked into the credit institution, closed the door, then put a knife to the throat of one of the employees. After actuating the alarm button to the place of profit police officers.

The attacker took hostage two workers of the institution and demanded one million dollars and a helicopter. Negotiators managed to persuade him to reduce their demands to a hundred thousand dollars.

In the end I was storming the building and freeing the girls. The culprit was a native of Odessa region born in 1994. He was arrested and put in a paddy wagon. The girls were escorted out of the building, after which they were put in the ambulance. It is reported that they were not injured seriously.

In the network appeared the recording of the operation for their release. The footage captured, as the commandos can’t break down the doors of the building. After repeated attempts, they decide to climb through the window. At the end of the video, the security forces open the door from the inside and take the hostages outside.

Earlier in Odessa region, the prisoners staged a deadly riot with hostages and attempted to escape from prison.