In the Kherson region in the first half of 2018 it is planned to increase the height Chaplinsky state’s attorney to 133 m, allowing to cover the Ukrainian broadcasting Krasnoperekopskiy rayon Russia-occupied Crimea , said a member of the National Council on television and radio Sergey Kostinsky.

“In the framework of the draft strategy developed by the Commission on ensuring of stable functioning of national television and radio broadcasting under the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine plans to increase the height of the state tower in Chaplynka, Kherson region from 92 to 133 m in the first half of 2018,” wrote S. Kostinsky on his page on the social network Facebook on Saturday.

According to him, the signal from Chaplinsky tower will cover Chaplinsky, Kalanchackiy districts of Kherson region and Krasnoperekopskiy rayon Russia-occupied Crimea.

“Thus, the Ukrainian broadcasting on the territory of Crimea in 2018 will be carried out from two towers – Chongar and Chaplinsky. Development of broadcasting in these areas will be carried out by providing the National Council for television and radio broadcasting permits, the broadcasting, as is done in the area of ATO,” – said S. Kostinsky.

According to him, it is planned to create additional digital multiplex to organize a powerful broadcast in the direction Armyansk and Krasnoperekopsk top 5 Ukrainian TV channels, to organize the analogue broadcasting in the direction of the Crimea two Ukrainian TV channels and about 7 Ukrainian radio stations.