Pidhrushna stretched the Ukrainian team in third place.

Likely was the women’s relay race at the biathlon world Championships in Antholz.

First half of the race was a full domination of Italy, for which in turn on the distance came Vitozzi leader and Wearer. The baton after the second stage, they passed by a minute over the rest of the competitors.

Other women worked generally in one group – Anastasiya Merkushyna both shooting worked with one additional cartridge, passing the baton to seventh with 33 seconds behind the leader and 13 seconds from the second.

Yulia Jim lying used two spare rounds, but the rack worked cleanly and last round took fourth, only one last round left a bit and on the equator of the race, Ukraine was the sixth – minute and 14 seconds behind Italy, but 16 seconds before second place.

Italy lost the lead on the third stage two additional rounds prone and two standing penalties lowered Italy for fourth place, and has become the leader of Poland, who left with a 30-second lead over Germany and Russia. Vita Semerenko used three spare rounds on two rabiah. Eighth place with 54.1 backlog from Poland, but 13 seconds of the defeat of the Czech Republic, which is on the last stage left the second.

Polka Magda Gwizdon in the end, the struggle with the leaders of the world biathlon could not resist. Already prone, he used two spare rounds after letting rivals, including Elena Pidgrushnoy, which worked with 5, rising to fourth place with lag at 17.8 seconds from Polk.

Everything was decided at the last shooting. Norwegian Rosseland shot clean and went for the gold. Pidhrushna with one additional cartridge on the last round took second, ahead of Czech Pushkaryova and the German Hermann.

Czech biathlete quickly ovalis of the fight for the medals, but the competition for silver ended in favor of a more rapid German women.

The second world Cup in a row, the Ukrainian women’s team wins bronze in the relay, confirming their level.

1. Norway (1+9) 1:07:05,7
2. Germany (0+9) +10,7
3. Ukraine (0+8) +18,4
4. Czech Republic (0+10) +31,1
5. Sweden (1+11) +44,9
6. Switzerland (0+11) +47,1

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