Ukrainian users ask the search engine “Yandex” on International women’s day in early March, more than 2 million times, the number of requests reaches a peak on the morning of 8 March.

As reports a press-company service “Yandex. Ukraine”, March 8 Ukrainians often want to find in the Internet: greetings; poems; postcards; pictures; gifts; SMS; songs and placate.

As for congratulations, most often looking for a funny short texts. Fall and original queries: “Christian greetings about March 8”, “carbon monoxide congratulation to a friend on March 8” or “congratulations on March 8 a good man.”

One of the main attributes of celebration of Ukrainians believe greeting cards (every tenth request). Mainly interested in how to make or draw their own. There are unusual requests: “lethal postcards 8 March”, “greeting card on 8 March with polar bears”, “postcard on March 8 for the business lady.”

The data of “Yandex” suggests that the majority is going to make a gift on March 8 his own . More than half of the requests for gifts contains the phrase yourself: “what gift can you give to the dance teacher on March 8 with their hands”, “top 10 how to make a gift for mom on March 8 in 5 minutes s papyrologie the paper with your hands.”

In General, Ukrainians are most interested in gifts and congratulations to mothers, on the second place by number of requests – girlfriends – the third colleague (colleagues). Some users tried to find “what to give mother-in-law on March 8 who has everything” or “congratulations on 8 March ex-wife”. Looking for congratulations and representatives of various professions: “verse on March 8 mathematics teacher”, “congratulations on March 8 tank girl”, “the March 8 congratulation GL accountant”.

Some of the original queries of Ukrainian users on March 8: “how can I describe the gift of her husband and son on March 8 under photo”, “crafts on March 8 with their hands in kindergarten from cotton pads”, “what hairstyle can make a child on March 8, grandmother”, “how to make a vase and a candy dish thread toothpicks with cardboard on March 8”, etc.