Mon, 7 Aug 2017


Photo: Twitter

News of the world:an Entrepreneur from Uzhgorod Mikhail Voloshin in Egyptian Marsa Alam saved a 20-year-old tourist, was attacked by a shark.

An entrepreneur from Uzhgorod Mikhail Voloshin in Marsa Alam (Egypt) rescued 20-year-old Austrian tourist was attacked by a shark.

It is reported Turprofi.com.ua.

Michael dived from the pier and admired the corals. Swam near a group of tourists from Austria, including 20-year-old girl. Something around her was going on, and Michael came closer to see.

“Suddenly came out a shark and pulled from the left side girl’s belly a piece of meat. When the girl began to cry, Michael swam, wounded jumped at him, and then the Ukrainians had nothing like rowing to the pontoon. All this time the shark was circling nearby, but the people got out. The lifeguard threw them round”, – is spoken in the message .