The state Agency of highways of Ukraine (“Ukravtodor”) intends to 2018 to repay the debts of previous years to contractors for work performed, said the head of the Agency Slawomir Nowak.

“This year we have provided 723 million to pay off old debts that have been dragging on since 2010. I think no more than 300-400 million will remain for the next year, and that means that next year we will fully pay debts of previous years,” he said.

The state Agency of highways of Ukraine beginning in June 2017, to pay the debt to the contractors who carried out road works in 2010-2014, but has not received the funds for various reasons.

“I want to appeal to the contractors to pay “interest” to send “upstairs” is not needed. Submit the documents to the Treasury and wait for payment. If the agents financial impact will be to hint at some Commission, please contact “K” – we will investigate and prosecute. Corruption will not suffer”, – said S. Novak .

Earlier he called “nonsense” the availability of debt in the amount of over UAH 1 billion to contractors for work previously performed.

“For me it was a big surprise that is still not paid debts for work which was back in 2012. More than 1 billion UAH of debts to contractors, a lot of ships is a big problem,” he said at the end of 2016.