The imbalance of supply and demand of food rye in the domestic market led to the fluctuation of prices for certain types of bakery products, and the price of rye flour in the current year has grown more than in 2 times – up to 11 thousand UAH per ton, it is told in the message of Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) following the meeting with the Chairman of the Council of Association “ukrhlebprom” Alexander Vasilchenko.

According to the head of the “Ukrhlebprom”, today in Ukraine there are enough modern facilities for the production of durum wheat (pasta). At the same time, the lack of crops such wheat varieties in the country hinders the development of healthy competition of products of own production with high added value.

The Chairman of the Association said that the price of rye flour with the beginning of the year increased more than twice – up to 11 thousand UAH per ton, and within 5 months of 2019 the price of bread rye and rye-wheat has grown on average by 7-8%.

Vasilchenko pointed out that at the present stage in Ukraine remains unresolved, the procedure for interaction of manufacturers of bread and bakery products to retail chains for products with expired implementation, in particular, there is no financial liability trade networks upon return of the product.

The Chairman of the Association also noted the need for revision of the standard for wheat in terms of indicators of its content of gluten and protein, which would guarantee appropriate baking properties of flour for bread high quality.

Alexander Vasil noticed that for the domestic market of bread and bakery products are characterized by a high level of competition. The share offer from the 6 largest entities in the domestic market does not exceed 40%, and the production capacity of the baking industry are not used in full.