The format of the work of the State service for transportation safety (“Ukrtransleasing”) will soon be changed and modernized according to European standards.

As reported by the press service of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine, this was stated by the Deputy Minister Yuriy Lavrenyuk during the Board meeting “Ukrtransstroi”, which was held on March 2, 2017.

He noted that one of the measures to modernise the service transfer of administrative services in electronic format that will allow to exclude the human factor and to minimize corruption risks in this area.

Y. Lavrenyuk also drew attention to the problem with the work of issuing of permits for passenger and cargo transportation.

“State service of Ukraine on safety on transport should as soon as possible to resolve the operating permit issue. This is especially true of items of issuing permits in the capital, in chop and Chernivtsi . Despite a large transit from the East of the country, which is on the border of North and West Ukraine in Kyiv city, highlight that item in the capital must work around the clock,” said he.

The Deputy Minister stressed that today the question remains open regarding changes in the normative legal acts in the field of road transport with the aim of bringing them in compliance with acts of the European Union, which will allow to meet the requirements of the quality Charter.

“Special attention is paid to strengthening of control over service of Maritime and river branch. Today, this segment of the work “Ukrtransstroi” requires improvement and attention”, – said Yuri Lavrenyuk.

He also drew attention to the problem of illegal carriers, which is still unresolved, adding that this is especially true of Kiev and Kiev region, and all the testing in the direction of finding so-called “illegals” are chaotic point, there is no single system approach to overcoming this problem.

Y. Lavrenyuk said that the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine considers it necessary to divide the Kiev regional management of the service and to create two separate, namely: management in Kiev and management in the Kiev region, which will allow the service to more efficiently fulfill its duties and exercise proper control in the spheres which belong to its competence.

“The format of the State service of Ukraine on safety on transport will be changed, and the institution is modernized according to European standards. The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine will best contribute to the work of this service was carried out at the appropriate level,” he said.

Summing up, the Deputy Minister also has informed that recently took place the fact of detention of the law enforcement bodies of the employee of territorial administration “Ukrtransstroi” in the Luhansk region for receiving a bribe. On behalf of Yu. Lavrenyuk begun an internal investigation, after which a decision will be made regarding the tenure of the head of the service in the Luhansk region.

“For the future emphasize that in case of revealing of the facts of extortion on the part of employees “Ukrtransstroi”, the following will be the dismissal of a head of a territorial administration. I emphasize again that the heads of regional administrations are personally responsible for the actions of their subordinates”, – summarized Yu. Lavrenyuk.