Cigarette manufacturers are concerned about the delay in the adoption of the government strategy in the sphere of combating illegal production and turnover of tobacco products for the period up to 2021.

According to a press release of the Association “ukrtûtûn”, March 10, 2017 once again not included in the agenda of session of the government the draft strategy, which on March 1 was withdrawn from consideration by the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“It was a surprise to the industry, since the project was submitted to the government in compliance with all regulations,” – said in a press release.

According to “Ukrtûtûn” preparation of the draft strategy was initiated by the European Mission on border assistance to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) in may 2015. The document was prepared by the interdepartmental working group at the State fiscal service and in accordance with the priority Plan of the government for 2016 . The strategy should be adopted in the third quarter of 2016.

“State policy in the sphere of combating illicit trade in tobacco products continues to have the character of a spontaneous extinguishing of fires without an integrated vision of the problem and its causes. Draft normative acts providing measures to combat illegal trade, are always very difficult or not approved at all,” the report cited the CEO of the Association Valentina Khomenko.

She expects that the draft strategy to combat illegal manufacturing and trade of cigarettes will still be accepted by the Cabinet soon.