Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu

Too much of the leadership of Russia of means of pressure on the dictator.

About this in Facebook wrote one of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, poet and politician Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu:

“Swedish journalist, who has repeatedly visited Belarus and know quite well the political situation in the country, said that if Ukrainian independence was for Belarusians negative factor, a horror story, then the election of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky – factor positive.

In the next election, Belarusians will want a new leader of the country. Not necessarily young, but new. And on my remark that the new head of the country’s citizens hope for a long time, but they choose it not, selects Lukashenko, the journalist suddenly asked: “why are you so afraid of a referendum on unification with Russia? Lukashenko will hold it so 87.7% of it will be against the Association and permanently close the subject. It is his historic mission.

I asked how he’s in Stockholm thought of this before? And he admitted that he is not in Stockholm but in Minsk during a conversation with one “Deputy” about the possibility of a referendum during the parliamentary elections…

Such talks in Minsk is really underway. One unwittingly (because they are “deputies” of the sixth chamber), in other – intentionally. And it’s not something else, as part of the “Russian world”: to train Belarusians to the idea of a referendum.

Closes Lukashenko is the subject of a referendum. And even if (suddenly) and want to, they will not let him close. Too much of the Russian leadership ways pressure on it. Economic, political, criminal. Simple: closed topic closed gas. And Lukashenko pipe.

In addition, imagine how you will furnish Russia the referendum. And not only information. Russian observers will be of 87.7% and they would not stand a kilometer away from the table on which the votes are counted. Per kilometer there will be “little green men”.

And the most dangerous thing is that they are “green men”, might not even need. The question is formulated so: “do you Agree to unite with Russia to sell Belarus?”. Ask, for example: “do you Support closer integration with Russia?” And support! In the choice between independence and free win free, sir…

So I set up over 25 years Lukashenko of Belarus. This is his “historic” mission, to which Russia is not going to get rid of it. So, to get rid of him and his mission Belarusians need. And if we talk about the factor Zelensky, so let’s realize that it was not the result of Poroshenko (who many, by the way, Ukraine has done, fulfilled its historic mission), as a result of the Maidan. The result of the revolution of Dignity in its development.”