Pavel Durov

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The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov has sent an open letter to Pavel Durov, demanding Telegram to register as a distributor of information. If the response to the letter would not, “Telegram in Russia should be blocked. Until then, until we receive the required information”, — said Zharov.

Why Roskomnadzor chose this form of communication as an open letter?

Alexander Zharov, stated that the other options just left, “all available means of official communication with the command of the messenger Telegram exhausted.” According to him, “almost every day, Roskomnadzor sends to all available addresses Telegram of letter of explanation requirements of the Russian law, the organizers of information distribution”, but the answer is not getting .

In turn, the Chairman of the Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Leonid Levin said that the public addresses were chosen out of respect to the managers of Telegram.

Why Telegram has to register with the Roskomnadzor?

The office is the registry, where, according to the law “On information” must be was all disseminators of information — blogs, social networks, instant messengers, sites with an estimated audience of more than 3 thousand unique users a day. This requirement applies from 1 August 2014.

For refusing to register in Russia have been blocked messenger Zello, Line, and Blackberry. Chinese app WeChat also came under the lock, but then registered in the Roskomnadzor, after which restrictions were lifted. The same thing happened with the Imo messenger, which was released on June 22.

“From the point of view of applicable law, if Pavel Durov will not fulfill the requirement of Roskomnadzor, he (the messenger. — Approx. TASS) needs to be blocked, said Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on issues of development of the Internet Herman Klimenko. No exemptions for Telegram in the existing law is not.”

What prevents Telegram to the register?

If Telegram will provide information for inclusion in the register, the company will be obliged to store and give at the request of law enforcement agencies the correspondence of users and crypto key to it. “The law of Spring” also obliges companies to use only certified in Russia the means of encoding and encrypting traffic.

Pavel Durov has repeatedly stressed that the development of the messenger’s priority was the security of user information. Durov is convinced that the cooperation with the police and intelligence agencies on terrorism threatens personal correspondence of all law-abiding citizens. “In the Russian context of law enforcement access to personal correspondence of citizens will lead to the emergence of the black market of personal data, where you with a charge to “listen” all Russians”, — he declared in a public address.

In addition, Durov already made it clear that the Russian market is not very important for the Telegram. The Russian audience of the messenger, according to some estimates, 6 million users global: over 100 million

Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev, the TV channel “Russia 24” stated the opinion that the actor is unlikely to concede to Roskomnadzor: “I Think that he will not compromise and will not give the opportunity to any intelligence agencies or unknown third parties to intervene in the operation of the service”.

Telegram do block?

Such a development is highly likely. “The time allotted to Roskomnadzor by law for making the decision expires,” warned Zharov in his letter.

If the user Telegram, and at this time does not respond to treatment, the web version can be entered in the list of banned resources. In addition, the authorities may require you to remove the app from the app Store and Google Play, denying users the possibility to download the messenger or its updated version.

However, the Association of electronic communications (RAEC) believe that full lock service possible. “Only systematic work and pressure on the app stores, primarily Google Play and AppStore, in the case of “success” will fail some of the features of the messenger, he will not be able to install new users (which he was not already at the time of blocking)”, — explained in the organization, adding that it is also possible problems with the updates.

In RAEC also said that the administration Telegram has already taken steps to bypass the lock: “In the new version of the application supports bypass potential blocking through the support proxy via SOCKS 5 (Android-version)”.