Bad weather



Photo from open sources

News of Ukraine: Acting Minister of health Suprun told the Ukrainians about the safety rules during the period of bad weather — rain, thunderstorms and hail.

Acting Minister of health Suprun in connection with bad weather in Ukraine, recalled the basic rules of safety. She wrote about this in Facebook.


Suprun advised to monitor weather forecasts and check social networks, because there you can quickly learn about problems on the streets.

Thunderstorms and heat in Ukraine: the rainy cyclone will not retreat

If the storm caught you while driving, try to find a place to Park and leave the vehicle in a safe place, do not Park under trees as there is a danger of falling branches, and if not – keep driving, but reduce speed and turn on headlights, Suprun recommends.

At the same time, it aims to help people around, but in extreme situations – be sure to call rescuers .

As reported, in Kiev because of the heavy rain were flooded underpasses, downed many trees and partially destroyed the road surface at the intersection of Khreschatyk street and St. Cyril.