From coalition air strikes during the battle for Raqqa since March, killing 300 civilians.

As a result of airstrikes of the international coalition led by the United States during the battle for the Syrian Raqqa since March, killing 300 civilians.

This was stated in the UN Commission to investigate human rights violations in Syria, according to Reuters.

“We have recorded deaths of civilians in the air strikes of the coalition, we have 300 dead, including 200 in only one place, in the village of Mansur,” said Committee member Karen Abuzayd.

The Commission noted that air strikes around the city has increased significantly in recent years.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Commission Sergio Pinheiro stated “a stunning number of casualties among civilians” in the bombings of the coalition during the assault on Raqqa .

Now the US-backed Syrian rebels continue their assault on the positions of militants “Islamic state” in raqqa and close to the Central area – Old town.

The city of raqqa is considered the “capital” of “ISIS” in Syria. Jihadists captured the city in 2014.