Photo: Reuters In Libya attacked the airbase of the national army under the command of Khalifa the Haftarot

Local media report possible mass executions at the airbase.

The special representative of the UN Secretary General in Libya, Martin Kobler, condemned the bloody attack on the air base Marriage al-Shati, 650 kilometers South of Tripoli, reports DW.

“I am outraged by reports of a considerable number of dead, including civilians, and that there could be mass executions,” − said the German diplomat.

We will remind, the attack on the base a Marriage-al-Shati, which was under the control of the national liberation army of Libya, led by General Khalifa the Haftarot, was made on Thursday, may 18. The representative of the Libyan national army said killed at least 140 people .

It is noted that according to the Libyan media, the attack could commit a battalion, which is subordinate to the Ministry of defense of Libya in the composition of the UN recognized the government of national consent headed by the Prime Minister Faiz by Sarraj. In addition, the attack could be part of the Brigade defence of Benghazi, linked to terrorist group al-Qaeda.

Also press reports of possible mass executions at the airbase on the basis of the number of victims.

Official Tripoli has denied that was related to the incident.

Clashes in Libya led to the deaths of 60 people

Earlier it was reported that the oppositional government of Libya, which opposes the UN supported the country’s leadership in Tripoli, asked for military help from Russia and received promises of such support.