During the flight from Hong Kong to Mr. the pilots of the Boeing 747-8 noticed a strange glow over the Pacific ocean. The pilots noted that the strange phenomenon was not only beautiful but also very intimidating. As noted by eyewitnesses of incident, light pole appeared in the distance of 10 kilometers from the aircraft. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

When the plane flew
over the place, from which up to beat the light, the pilots noted an enormous luminous
the stain under water, which was dominated by red color. On arrival at the point
the purpose of the pilots reported a strange phenomenon.

At the moment
research the world can’t give a definite explanation of this phenomenon.
Among the versions portrayed in opinions about underwater volcanic eruption, or the existence of
underground alien bases .

Previously, scientists have revealed endless underwater wall that encircles the whole Earth.

Found underwater wall
has its own characteristic linearity and, as experts believe, is
artificial nature is created. It stretched all along the seas and oceans,
forming a stone ring around the Earth.