Russian business has invested in the Ukrainian economy in 2016 1.67 billion dollars, accounting for about 38 percent of total share investment.

About this “Russian Dialogue,” according to a report published by the State statistics service of Ukraine.

Last year, Ukraine’s economy received foreign direct investment of $4,406 billion.

For 2016, the 77 countries of the world have made investments in the Ukrainian economy. The largest investments came from Russia.

This is followed by Cyprus ($427,7 million), UK ($403,9 million), Netherlands ($255 million) and Austria ($249.9 million).

In turn, Ukrainian enterprises have invested in direct investments in 15 countries, main share is accounted for the Republic of Cyprus, the virgin Islands, Austria and Russia.

In 2015, the volume of direct investment from abroad amounted to $3,764 billion Thus, for the year increased by $642 million, or 17.1% .

In the United States has proposed sanctions against businessmen from around the world for investment in energy projects in Russia.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, Japan offers the Trump investment package of $450 billion and help create jobs.