Zaporizhzhya NPP



Photo: Twitter

Unit №1 of Zaporizhzhya NPP by automatic action was disconnected from the network, the reasons are found out by experts.

In 15.09 Sunday, the 1st unit of Zaporizhzhya NPP by automatic action has been disabled from the network and now experts find out causes triggering automatic, the press service of the NAEC “Energoatom”.

“At the moment at the Zaporizhzhya NPP in the work are 3 units. The total capacity of the generators is 2tys. 670 MW. Comments on the operation of the main equipment of operating power units and personnel there,” – said in a public statement about 17.00 Sunday message.

The information States that radiation background in the area of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and in the sanitary protection zone (the area around the nuclear power plant radius 2.5 km) – 8-12 micro-roentgen per hour, which corresponds to natural radiation background .