Graduates of the Moscow school of film began shooting patsanskoy drama “the Yards”, which is positioned as teamwork, bold and beskompromissnaya. The film was directed by debutant Andrew Korytko, and filmed in his new actors.

Photo: PR-Agency Sarafan.

In the story the main hero Jaroslav comes from Stavropol to Moscow to become a rap star and gather the stadiums. To survive in the world of the rap underground is not easy. Sometimes you have to go to the head, even if it’s the people closest to you. Yaroslav will not notice that crossed the line beyond which there will be no place music.

Producer Vladimir Komarov has told about this project.

– This story based on the life of a real person, whose soundtracks will be heard in the film – more than 12 original tracks, not counting the rap battle, which was filmed separately .

– The original script is different from what you end up with?

– We had semi-annual preparatory period and the fact that we during these six months planned, this is what we see on playback. The script changed during filming because each actor put something of their own. We have removed remarkable young actors, no stars no. This is a principled position, and we are very happy about this because guys are unbelievable, with an insane desire to work. And where if not in such projects, to reveal new talents? Team cool and energetic.

– Why did you choose the rap industry?

Is that story going through each of the children coming from the regions to Moscow to conquer Russia. Rap is now the most popular genre, we chose it, not as conjectures, and not in order to adapt, we have chosen this story as the first debut work of our Director ,because she is close to us, this story is about the realization of dreams, through the thorny path in order to achieve it. This film is not just about rap in the first place it is about the man and his history.

Photo: PR-Agency Sarafan.

Directed by Andrew Korytko’s first feature film, before this he was shooting just short. The yard is a debut work. The shooting took place in the most spectacular locations in Moscow. We visited the shooting of the fashion show at Artplay. The atmosphere was so realistic that we came to this show, not for shooting. Models in crazy outfits, stylish design of the podium and all this under the light of the soffit. It fascinates and attracts even more attention to the film.

Roman Evdokimov starred in the title role. It is not immediately approved. Initially, the rapper Yaroslav played by a different actor, but only with Roman Evdokimov was a puzzle. Here’s what he told the correspondent of “MK”.

– Great emotion.. This is the best group that I have encountered in my life! I had movies before, but this is the first project in which I received such strong emotions.

-Was it difficult to get used to the role?

-Important to be at ease. I felt his character from the inside and was able to become one with him.

Shooting lasts all day. Are you not tired?

– I love my job and do not notice how time flies.

-When will we see the movie?

– At the end of 2019. I really hope that this project will appeal to the viewer. The last time the youth began to appreciate drama, so we tried to do something that will hook everyone.