Unknown attackers broke the wall in front of the Holocaust memorial in the town of Savran, Odessa region.

About it reports the local edition “the beacon” referring to the statement by the Director of the Odessa Holocaust Museum Paul Kozlenko.

“Villains and moral monsters continue to mock the memory of Holocaust victims. The new Jewish cemetery in Savran completely destroyed the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust,” said Kozlenko.

Local authorities reported that the destruction of the memorial is not included in the register of monuments and therefore is not under the protection of the state.

It should be noted that a similar incident took place in February in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi.

However, local police believe that the destruction of the monument occurred “of old age and natural causes .”

Earlier it was reported that the social network has criticized a photo of Svetlana Bondarchuk at the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust in Germany.

It was also noted that the chief Rabbi of Moscow criticized the dance grooves of the Holocaust.