Unknown persons set fire to the door of the building of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory, said the Director of the Institute Volodymyr viatrovych.

“At night, unknown persons set fire to the door at the Ukrainian Institute of national memory. This time the “cards” not left”, – wrote V. viatrovych in his page in “Facebook” on Wednesday morning.

As reported, on February 16, police detained three people who tried to attack Vladimir Vyatrovich. He V. viatrovych wrote about the incident on the Facebook page: “Some “patients” in masks stood in front of UKRINFORM, where was to be held on my report. Three of them rushed at me – unfortunate for them. Now detained by the police. The report was held. And “sick” is probably worth more frequent visits to the gym.”

On the same day, unknown persons poured red paint on the door and the threshold of the building of the Institute. “Meanwhile, under the door of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory poured red paint and left stickers of the “Slavic guard”. Obviously these are the ones who attacked me,” wrote V. viatrovych on his page on “Facebook”.

In the Metropolitan police say that finding out the circumstances of the damage to the doors of the state institutions.

“Today about 9 hours to the Metropolitan police on the specialline 102 the message arrived about the damage to the doors of the building on the street. At the address immediately left the police and investigative team. Previously it is established that in the fire partially damaged the outer part of the front doors of the Institute… there were no injuries. On these facts, the police began checking”, – informs the Department of communication of the police of Kiev on Wednesday.

Militiamen carry out Prime investigative actions. The material collected was in the Pechersk Department of the Metropolitan police, launched an investigation, the results of which will be made appropriate procedural decision. The efforts of the police aimed at establishing the persons involved in the infringement, the report said.