In one of the Argentine clinics for drug addicts, there was an unprecedented miracle. So, in the medical institution consecrated bread that was kept in a special container, gradually began to be filled with the red liquid. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The priests suggested
the bread began to bleed. To unravel this mystery hunk
bread sent for examination to the Vatican. This event took place during
prayer. Capacity, where lay the bread, began to fog up from the inside, and then filled
blood-red liquid.

Local clergy
privale parishioners not to panic, be treated with precaution to this miracle.

Earlier in Argentina found dinosaur eggs with live embryos.

As noted by a local
the researchers, the eggs managed to survive to our times due to the fact that
they were buried in the ground, which has undergone modification to become of
wetlands soils in volcanic soil .