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MOSCOW, June 27. /TASS/. The international football Federation (FIFA) has published the full version of the report of the former head of the investigative chamber of the ethics Committee Michael Garcia, which contains no evidence that the bid Committee Russia involved in collusion or other cooperation with the other members of FIFA in the election of the host of the 2018 world Cup.

“The report was published, everyone saw that there were no questions in the Russia. Nothing else was expected. We didn’t do anything that would be contrary to the ethical code or General rules and principles of promotion applications,” said TASS Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” Vitaly Mutko.

Russia has absolutely no claims

The Russian part of the report Garcia took 39 pages, the whole essence of it is contained in four final points . “There is no evidence that the bid Committee Russia involved in collusion or other cooperation with the other members of FIFA in the election of the country holding the world championship,” – said in the first paragraph.

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Also the Garcia investigation found no violations of the rules of conduct of FIFA, which prohibits the giving of gifts, remuneration or provision of services to the members of FIFA. Evidence that the bid Committee tried to ensure the vote in its support among the members of the FIFA Executive Committee, was also not detected.

The report noted that the Russian bid did not fully comply with reporting requirements. “We are talking about what the bid process by FIFA was governed by very specific people, – explained TASS the General Director of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018″ Alexey Sorokin. We first had to notify all visits and contacts and then we were told to stop doing it and do not bother with this information. We didn’t know that we can put the blame, however, it’s not a claim”.

“It’s great that the Garcia report published. We are glad that it was done. To us there is absolutely no complaints,” – said Sorokin.

Foreign media received answers to their questions

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According to Sorokin, individual foreign media unable to obtain satisfactory answers to many of their questions. “For some reason, they continue to ask them, he said. – We did not have negative information, to take it nowhere. Was surprise us questions now, based on the logic of life, I think that they should either cease or be substantially reduced”.

“It is enough to read the conclusions of the report concerning the Russian bid to ensure that issues that arise in the Western media, are groundless and have no soil,” – said Sorokin concludes.

The official reason for the publication of the report was leaked on Monday of exposure presented by the German newspaper Bild. “The FIFA Committee for ethics for the first time will gather in new structure next week, has planned to use this meeting for possible publication of the report” – said in a press release FIFA.

On the publication of the report on the legality of the election of the organizers of the world Championships 2018 and 2022 insisted and the Board of FIFA, and Gianni Infantino, that perfectly fit the outline of the reform and would increase the transparency of the activities of the organization. Initially, the results of the investigation FIFA was released in November 2014. Then the head of the arbitration chamber of the ethics Committee of FIFA Hans-Joachim Eckert found no irregularities in the election process on the basis of the report of Garcia.

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Later, Garcia said that Eckert’s report contained incomplete and incorrect information about the investigation, he filed an appeal, which was later FIFA has called baseless. According to Garcia, he gave Eckert the material on 430 pages, and after editing it was only 42. Disagree with the way in which were presented the results of his investigation, Garcia resigned in December 2014.

The publication of the report has contributed to the fact that the Chairpersons of the ethics Committee of FIFA Cornel Borbely and Eckert left their posts in may. They refused to disclose this information.