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YEKATERINBURG, February 7. /TASS./ Scientists of the Ural state medical University (USMU is conducted) in 2018 will be developed and tested in hospitals of the region’s program for physicians on the early identification of risk groups for the development of melanoma. This will create a special attachment for the smartphone camera and app, said on Wednesday, TASS assistant Professor of skin and venereal diseases USMU is conducted by Alexander Shubin.

“We are developing a hardware-software complex for identification of risk groups for development of melanoma for primary care physicians. The project is at the prototype stage, in the course of the year we plan to launch and test it in the medical organizations of the city . The program includes a test questionnaire to determine the risk group of the patient on occurrence of melanoma and image analysis of photographs of tumors, made with the help of the actual developed attachment Dermatoscope for smartphones,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

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According to Shubina, the app can be used in the clinical examination or in situations where the doctor has no experience in the definition of the disease and do not have special tools that the dermatologists and oncologists. “In the end, this will increase the proportion of good quality early diagnosis and, consequently, to reduce mortality. Photos will be analyzed automatically by means of neural networks, after which the patient will receive advice on their risk,” she said.

In a press-service of the Ural Federal University (Urfu) also added that this project was included into the five of the best projects of participants of the Ural design change in Sochi educational center “Sirius”, which was completed at the end of January 2018. Only change involved 97 talented students of the Ural-Siberian region, they will get additional points to the results of the exam for admission to the University.

Melanoma is a malignant tumor that develops from pigment cells, mainly localized in the skin.

USMU is conducted founded in 1930, its founder is the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. In its structure there are seven faculties and has nearly 5 thousand students. In 2016, the University opened the Innovation centre, whose task is to support young scientists, teaching staff, provision of advice, assistance with grant activities.