The Chairman of the Odessa regional Council Anatoly Urban withdrew their application on resignation, reports local the Internet-the edition “Duma”.

According to the publication, the decision Only adopted after a break in the session where you tried to send in resignation of Vice-Chairman of regional Council Yury Dimchoglo and Oleg Radkovskiy.

Earlier in the day, the Odessa regional Council planned to elect a new President instead of the current Urban, who was elected Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 9th convocation.

But, according to information on the website of the regional Council, presentation at session the Deputy of regional Council Vitaly Spichenkovo caused disputes and misunderstandings between members of different factions, therefore the session is not started. Urban declared a break for meeting with the chairmen of parliamentary factions.

According to “Duma”, during the session there was a fight that escalated into a fight. Urban tried to resume the session, but he was prevented. In the hall the police arrived. Once the session started, the deputies voted for the agenda, and the heads of the factions, the Chairman and his deputies left for political consultations.