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On the American channel Showtime in the night from Monday to Tuesday released the first of a series of documentary film about Russian President Vladimir Putin, shot by Director Oliver stone. The Russian leader talked about moments of the biography, and its relation to political issues Interfax reported.

Relations with the United States. According to Putin, us foreign policy is dictated by the “Imperial thinking.” “In my opinion, the awareness of being the only world power, driving millions of people to mind the myth of exceptionalism is Imperial thinking in society. And this, in turn, requires an appropriate external policy, which is society expects,” said he. Meanwhile, Putin stressed that in practice this strategy “leads to a crash, problems.” He added that “to control everything is impossible.”

The US backed militias in Chechnya . The Russian President said that “when we started to have problems in Chechnya, the North Caucasus, unfortunately, the Americans supported these processes. We have formed an absolutely strong opinion, then, that our American partners on the words talking about the support of Russia, about the need for cooperation fighting terrorism, and in fact use these terrorists for the buildup of the political situation in Russia”, – said Putin.

The US and al-Qaeda. The President of Russia has laid upon US the blame for the creation of “al-Qaeda”. “This is the result of our American friends,” said he. “It began with the Soviet war in Afghanistan, when U.S. intelligence agencies had supported different directions of Islamic fundamentalism in the struggle against Soviet troops in Afghanistan,” – said Putin.

According to him, “the Americans themselves have grown and al-Qaeda, and bin Laden, but that things got out of control.”


As noted by stone, Putin was “one of the first who called George W. Bush to Express condolences” after the attacks of 11 September 2001. In turn, the Russian President said that he had cancelled planned exercises of strategic nuclear forces, to morally and politically support the Washington. Speaking of Bush, the Russian leader said: “I felt that it is the person with whom you can negotiate, conduct business. Anyway, there is hope for it.”

Afghanistan. Russia-USA.

Stone also asked Putin the question of cooperation of Russia and the USA in Afghanistan. “When President Bush invaded Afghanistan, and Putin cooperated (with the United States – if), in respect of this operation and prepared bases in the Caucasus and in Eurasia in order for the Americans established a supply in Afghanistan,” he said.

Putin replied that it was “not exactly”. “We did not buy any new bases. From the times of Soviet Union in Tajikistan has left the division, which we then turned into a base. It is in order to close the terrorist threat in the direction of Afghanistan. But we have supported the United States from its territory allowed the supply of weapons,” – said the President of Russia.

“We believe that this cooperation meets our national interests and this is an area where we can and must unite their efforts,” he said.Putin added that Moscow “has provided additional information of a special and particular intelligence,” Washington.

Nuclear weapons

After the Soviet collapse, Russia remains no secrets to the West, including in the field of nuclear weapons, Putin said. According to him, Russia has “practically did not have any secrets.”

“American observers sat on one of the biggest and main companies producing elements of nuclear weapons, on a permanent basis,” Putin said. He stressed that “we and so already were open enough” despite the fact that “any additional threats to us at this time was not.”

The resignation of the Prime Minister

Stone asked the President a lot of personal issues, reports the publication. In particular, Putin has told, at first refused the post of Prime Minister offered to him by Boris Yeltsin in 1999.

“He invited me to his office, said he wanted to appoint a Prime Minister and would like to then I ran for President. I said that is a very big responsibility, it should change my life, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it”, — Putin said.

He admitted that at this moment all I could think about, “where to hide the children.” “Imagine that I would be released from his post, – there is no protection, nothing, and what to do, how to live, how to ensure the safety of the family?” – said Putin.

A good night’s sleep

In response to question stone about, do not dream the nightmares, the Russian leader replied in the negative. “I think from sport and military service, of course,” he explained.

We will remind, the American film Director Oliver stone is working on a documentary about Vladimir Putin and high-profile political events of recent times.

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