The US special envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams has promised a new round of sanctions against Venezuela and associated with Cuba, according to the publication the Washington Free Beacon.

“The next round of sanctions, more than likely, will focus on the increasingly provocative participation of Cuba in the strengthening of (government – if) Maduro, which illegally transported thousands of barrels of Venezuelan oil to Havana, in violation of international sanctions”, – quotes the edition of the words of Abrams.

In conversation with the newspaper on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in new York this week, Abrams noted that the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro “faces more than ever the pressure, as the United States increase sanctions and work with the leaders of the countries of Europe and Latin America over the continuation of pressure on the Maduro regime, which the United States considers illegal.

“The Ministry of Finance announced some sanctions this week, and you will see that this will continue. Some sanctions are more focused on Cuba and trying to prevent delivery to Cuba about 80 thousand barrels a day,” he said.

Earlier in September, Abrams said that Washington does not rule out the possibility of imposing sanctions against Rosneft (MOEX: ROSN) because of the increase in oil trade with Venezuela. According to “Rosneft” in the report, in the first half of 2019, the company more than doubled its purchases of oil in the international market (up to 109.7 million barrels), including shipments from Venezuela to the expense of previously issued prepayments. “Rosneft” explained that the delivery within the prepaid (before conducting the sanctions) of the contract do not violate the sanctions regime and allowed the American authorities.





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