The reason was the disregard for human rights and support for the regime of Maduro in Venezuela.

The United States will impose new sanctions against Cuba. This is stated in the statement of the Bureau of industry and security at U.S. Department of Commerce, published on the website of the Federal register on Friday, October 18, according

Washington toughening the rules for export and re-export of aviation equipment and telecommunications equipment. So, for example, will be revoked operating license for rental Cuba aircraft, new applications will be rejected.

Sanctions over human rights and support of Maduro

In addition, the U.S. banned donations in this country if they are forwarded to the organizations associated with the Cuban government or the ruling Communist party. The statement indicated that the sanctions are imposed because of “repression of the regime against the Cuban people”, and also support Cuba’s ruler of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro</b>.

In December 2014, then-US President Barack Obama announced the beginning of normalization of relations with Cuba and ease sanctions. Donald trump after coming to presidential power called the policy misguided, has maintained the embargo and has tightened the rules for travel of Americans to Cuba.