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They affect the country’s construction sector.

USA imposed new sanctions against Iran. Their action spread to the construction sector of the Islamic Republic. In addition, under the ban came deliveries to Iran of a range of materials. The corresponding document was signed by the U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo, announced on Thursday, October 31, the press Secretary of the us state Department Morgan Ortagus, reports

Washington will prevent Iran’s acquisition of “strategic materials to the Islamic revolution guards Corps (IRGC), the construction sector and programmes for the dissemination” of nuclear weapons, the document says.

These measures will enable the United States to maintain control over the situation in the civil nuclear industry of Iran, would not allow Tehran to reduce the “breakout time” to produce nuclear weapons, and prevent the regime to convert their facilities in the interests of nuclear proliferation, said in the state Department.

The sanctions will affect sales and the provision to Iran of metals, coal and industrial equipment. In addition, the ban will apply to materials that can be used for military purposes. Finally, prohibited the supply to Tehran of steel pipes, certain types of steel and metals included in the solder composition.

Thus, under the restrictive measures can even get European firms that supply these goods clients in the civilian sector of Iran.

Extended the sanctions exceptions

Against this background, Pompeo 90 days has prolonged the duration of the sanctions exceptions, which allow foreign companies to cooperate with Iran in its nuclear program. Formally the Islamic Republic thus deprived of the occasion to renew its program to develop nuclear weapons.

In mid-October, the new York public Prosecutor opened a criminal case against the Turkish state Halkbank for violating sanctions against Iran. According to the prosecution, Halkbank in the period from 2012 to 2016 transferred Iranian funds in the amount of $ 20 billion.

The case against Halkbank initiated on the background of a sharp deterioration in relations between Washington and Ankara over the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria.