USA imposed new sanctions against Iran



Photo: from open sources

New sanctions for participating in the program on creation of ballistic missiles to Iran, the Bush administration has imposed on some Iranian officials.

The US imposed sanctions against officials of Iran and one Iranian company in connection with a programme to develop ballistic missiles in the country.

Under the sanctions also hit a Chinese citizen and the Chinese company, said the U.S. Treasury Department.

It is noted that the sanctions imposed against officials Morteza Fracture and Rahim Ahmadi. According to media reports, Fractur engaged in the sale and delivery of explosives to the Syrian government. In turn, Ahmadi is Director of the Iranian group Shahid Bakeri Industries Group. This company is responsible for Iran’s missile program.

Also under U.S. sanctions hit the Iranian company Iranian Novini System Management . In addition, imposed sanctions against Chinese official of Rouen of Runninga. Its the US government accuses podderjke program on creation of ballistic missiles in Iran.

In addition, under the sanctions were three Chinese companies: Shanghai Gang Quan Trade Co., Shanghai North Transway International Trading Co and Shanghai International North Begins.

Earlier, the state Department informed the Congress that the mode of lifting of sanctions in the future is preserved. It happened on the eve of the deadline for their abolition, which had been adopted the previous administration during the presidency of Barack Obama.