North Korea continues missile launches, despite the negative reaction in the world

The UN security Council believe that Russia and China will support the draft U.S. resolution on North Korea.

The United States presented to the UN security Council resolution on sanctions against the DPRK, according to Reuters.

The document envisages a full ban on the export of coal, iron ore, lead ore and seafood from North Korea. In General, the exports of Korea, which is three billion dollars plan to reduce by a third.

According to anonymous diplomatic source Agency, there is a confidence that Russia and China will support the U.S. initiative.

The project also involves a prohibition on increasing the number of labour force from North Korea to other States, the creation of new joint ventures with North Korea and investments in already created .

In addition, in the case of the adoption of the draft all the bills of the Bank of foreign trade of the DPRK will be halted, and North Korean vessels that violated UN resolutions, will be permitted to enter the ports of all States.

The vote on the draft resolution, the United States is to be held on Saturday, August 5.

As reported Корреспондент.netin the night of 29 June, the DPRK made another rocket launch. In the United States later stated that, on 30 July, North Korea could make a launch of a ballistic missile from a submarine.

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