Named FIFA officials implicated in corruption.

On Monday, us Federal prosecutors first accused the former football officials from several countries taking bribes from Russia and Qatar. These countries sought and won the right to host the world Cup in 2018 and 2022, reports “Radio Freedom”.

According to the indictment, former Vice-President of the International football Federation (FIFA) from Trinidad and Tobago Jack Warner received five million dollars through a network of shell companies. Some of these funds paid the American firm, representing the interests of Russia during the preparations for the world Cup. A former member of FIFA’s Executive Committee from Guatemala’s Rafael Salguero is accused of receiving a million dollars for voting for granting Russia the right to host the championship. The Argentine , Julio Grondona, the Paraguayan Nicolas Leos and Brazilian Ricardo Teixeira were charged with receiving bribes from Qatar.

The voting process in 2010 in which Russia and Qatar won the right to host the FIFA world Cup was accompanied by a series of scandals and investigations. Russia won the upper hand in the contest with England, Netherlands-Belgium and Spain-Portugal, which intends to hold Championships together. Qatar defeated the United States. These results immediately raised suspicions. More than half of the voting members, including FIFA President Joseph Blatter, become the target of various accusations. Blatter was subsequently removed from office by the President after an investigation conducted by the FIFA Committee for ethics.

The current official charges, the first alleging that Russia and Qatar won the right to host the world Cup by bribing FIFA officials.