Ricardo Martinelli

Martinelli must present allegations of corruption.

A Federal judge in Miami decided that Panama’s former President Ricardo Martinelli should be extradited to his homeland, where he must face charges of corruption. On it informs Agency Reuters.

Ex-President of Panama suspected that he had illegally coordinated campaign by the state to spy on political rivals.

The judge ruled that Panama has provided enough evidence against Martinelli. “There are reasonable grounds to believe that he is guilty of all or some of the crimes with which he is charged,” reads the court’s decision.

The decision on the issuance Martinelli will take the U.S. Department of State, and the state Department already said they support the court’s decision.

Martinelli denied the charges and plans to appeal the order of about results. He is also seeking political asylum.

Recall, Martinelli was detained in the United States in June of this year .