Sergey Ustyugov


MOSCOW, March 5. /TASS/. Russian Sergey Ustyugov became the first among domestic skiers who managed to win five medals at one world championship.

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Expert: completed in Lahti world championship was a tournament named after the skier Ustyugova

At the world championship in the Finnish Lahti 24-year-old athlete became the world champion in the team sprint classic style (along with Nikita Kryukov), winning also in skiathlon (15 km classic style + 15 km free style). In addition, he has a silver medal in the relay, marathon (race freestyle 50 km) and individual sprint free style.

Previously, the assets of the Soviet and Russian skiers on the world Cup was a maximum of three medals. They won Vyacheslav Vedenin (1970), Vladimir Kuzin (1954), Pavel Kolchin (1958), Alexei Prosecutors (1997 ).

Famous Soviet skier Vladimir Smirnov won three or four medals at the world Championships 1993 and 1995, but he played already for the national team of Kazakhstan.

In women, the record holder among Russian athletes is Elena Vyalbe, who at the 1997 world Championships, won five gold medals.