Photo: soil Samples from the asteroid Ryugu in the cell probe Hayabusa-2

In soil samples, which collected probe Hayabusa-2, have unknown artificial object.

Among the rock samples from the asteroid Ryugu brought to Earth were discovered by an unidentified man-made object. The message on it appeared on Twitter of the mission, HAYABUSA2.

As suggested by the researchers of the Japanese space Agency JAXA, in soil samples, which collected probe Hayabusa-2, caught a fragment of the mechanism.

“We have not yet confirmed the artificial origin of the object. Maybe it’s the aluminum that has separated from the cone of the probe,” said the experts.

Scientists also said that he had opened up the camera to capture samples B and C, and then the contents of chambers A and C were moved in special containers. The largest particles in the cell C have a diameter of about 1 cm.

We have not yet confirmed the origin of the artificial object (人工物). A projectile was used during the sample collection and it is possible that this aluminium is separated from the sampler horn at that time.

— HAYABUSA2@JAXA (@haya2e_jaxa) December 24, 2020

Recall that the space probe Hayabusa-2 was launched in December 2014 and twice successfully landed on the surface of the asteroid Ryugu sampling of soil and dust.