The head of the Public Council under the Ministry of culture Yuri Polyakov

© Zurab javakhadze/TASS

MOSCOW, January 19. /TASS/. Leading artists of the State academic theater. EVG. Vakhtangov Vladimir Etush, Sergei Makovetsky, Evgenie Knyazev and Olga Tomycine and the theater Director Kirill KROK wrote a letter to the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, where he expressed dissatisfaction with the statements of the head of the Public Council under the Ministry of culture of Yuri Polyakov to address the artistic Director of the Vakhtangov theatre Rimas Tuminas. The letter available to TASS.

“You repeatedly sharply spoke about the activities and personality of Tuminas… You do not get tired to emphasize that Rimas Tuminas – EU citizens working in the Russian theatre, but not interested in our country”, – said in the letter. The artists note that “in ten years, Rimas Tuminas has transformed the theatre into one of the most successful.. . that it was noted, including the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation in his report to the President of Russia.” “Full house, attendance at our theatre for 2017 97% – one of the best indicators in the country,” added the authors of the letter.

“The Vakhtangov theatre carefully selects literary material, and the performances of modern plays go on for many years. According to the report of the theatre the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, in 2017 in the repertory of 53 titles, including six plays by modern Russian drama, which is 11% of the total repertoire of the theatre”, – stated in the text of the letter.

Poles, in turn, told TASS that “on the Main stage of the Vakhtangov theatre is not any modern Russian plays.” “It seems that Tuminas not very interesting life of modern Russia – maybe as a citizen of the European Union,” he said, adding that the claims he repeatedly expressed not only in interview to the newspaper “Crimean truth”, published on January 11 of this year, but this is the “writing repeatedly” in the “Literary Gazette”, editor-in-chief of the Poles which was until August of 2017.

The head of the Public Council under the Ministry of culture said that now, after they were transferred to the premises of the private theatre of a name of Simonov, there on the Small stage there was a modern drama. “Maybe it’s a certain direction, I was not very close, but nevertheless, it [drama] came,” – said Polyakov.

On the main stage, according to him, is missing in modern productions. “And it’s weird because the Vakhtangov Theatre since its inception, has always been very sensitive to the modern domestic drama,” – concluded the Agency interlocutor.