It should be noted that before each concert, the artist necessarily makes a special workout for the vocal apparatus, reports the Russian Dialogue.

Valeria amused followers and showed my charger with wine stopper. The singer put the tube in his mouth and began to recite some text, the meaning of which was incomprehensible because of the funny sounds which were made by the artist.

“At intermission, we continue to stretch the vocal apparatus,” wrote Valeria.

Of course, members at first did not understand, but then were pleasantly surprised by the humor and irony of the singer that is not afraid to be funny in public.

“Valeria — the man who, even flexing the vocal apparatus, looks 1000%!”, “Well, not knew, not anymore tube to throw away, and also going to stretch the vocal apparatus”, “Great! Impossible to put down,” said fans of celebrities who were impressed with the warm-up singer.

As reported earlier, the Russian Dialogue, Valeria helped daughter’s husband Dan Prigoginei to overcome a serious obstacle. The famous Russian singer helped daughter of Joseph Prigogine 22-year-old Danae to lose weight for a few months more than 20 kilograms. This is not going to stop on achieved results and ready for the big work.

We will remind, the popular actress Valeria impressed with the singer Philip Kirkorov and all fans of its modernity. Fans asked the singer frequently put such interesting pictures more interesting signatures.