Venezuela demanded that the UN response to the threats trump

The Venezuelan leader has initiated an appeal in connection with the statement by Donald trump about a possible blockade of the country.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has instructed the Ambassador of the country to the UN Samuel Moncada to apply to the UN security Council because of threats of U.S. President Donald trump to enter the blockade. He said this on air of the state television on 2 August, reports TASS.

We will remind, on Thursday, 1 August, trump announced that his administration is considering the imposition of a blockade against Venezuela, given “the volume of foreign aid that gets” Caracas from Moscow, Tehran and Beijing.

“I gave instructions to the permanent representative of Venezuela to the UN Samuel Moncada that he stated before the security Council on the illegal and criminal threat of Donald trump to enter the naval blockade and quarantine against Venezuela,” stressed Maduro.

He also condemned the statement of the trump.

“The waters of Venezuela will remain free and independent, and we will resolve the issue for marine navigation. Prepare for battle, if you want to enter the quarantine against Venezuela,” said the leader of the country.

The open debate of the security Council on the theme of protection of children in armed conflicts, Moncada noted that the UN must confront the intention of the US to impose a naval blockade of Venezuela.

“Venezuela opposed the burden of the war, which the us had put a trump, we demand that the security Council immediately defended international law, guided by the Charter of the United Nations to prevent a global catastrophe,” − said the diplomat.

Earlier, the military of Venezuela has accused the U.S. of violating airspace.

As reported Корреспондент.neton 23 January the leader of the opposition, Parliament of Venezuela Juan Guido declared himself interim President of the country. As a legitimate President, he was recognized as the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

Russia and China expressed their support for Maduro.

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