TASS, August 12. The security personnel of Venezuela was able to catch the organizers arranged 6 Aug attack on a military base in Valencia. This was reported in his Twitter Minister of defense of the South American country Vladimir Padrino Lopez. Former army captain Juan Kahuripan Scott and Lieutenant Garcia DOS Ramos Jefferson was arrested in the capital, Caracas.

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The political crisis in Venezuela: causes and reaction

“This capture was a powerful blow to the Nazi terrorism in recent months, running the Venezuelan right – wrote Lopez. – Those who betray the Motherland, who raises a weapon against the Bolivarian armed forces and the people will be punished”. It is known that on 6 August, one of the attackers was killed, another was seriously injured, several people were detained .

According to the authorities, the civilians involved in the attack, admitted that their “cheating hired in the States of Zulia, Lara and Yaracuy” so they seized several military facilities in some parts of the country.

4. Esta captura ha sido un duro golpe al terrorismo fascista que ha puesto en práctica la derecha venezolana en los últimos meses.

— Vladimir L. Padrino (@vladimirpadrino) 11 Aug 2017

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