“Eurovision – 2019”
shining like stars new and old. The fans of the show will not miss
and forget last year’s hit Netta Barzilai Toy – it will perform all the famous Verka Serduchka, who took second place in
the competition in 2007. This year it is not Ukraine, and will perform in
as a special guest. On the background of BDSM group from Iceland or men in drag
Belau Assani star from Ukraine looked modestly. About his plans for Andrey Danilko
(aka Verka Serduchka) told the “Channel u”, reports “Russian conversation”.

“We are persuaded: Faith, well, sing.
And I say: I don’t sing, I like to say, on sabbatical. I want
to go to the Dead sea, smeared with goo… Well, gave me a song Netty”, –
admitted outrageous singer, and immediately began to sing along with her team.

However, Serduchka quickly
interrupted their partners with a gesture of the conductor.

“Saving bundles”, –
admitted the singer, who lost to Maria šerifović’s victory in 2007

Earlier Serduchka surprised by his unexpected
“tools” at the opening of “Eurovision”.

Recall the words of Andrei Danilko on
about “the Eurovision – 2019” became a prophecy for