Donald trump has been criticized by veterans for wearing that military jacket and cap during a visit to the ship Navy, despite the fact that once received five deferments from the army and avoided service in Vietnam.

Speaking in Virginia on
the ship is Gerald R Ford, the President promised to expand the power of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers to 12.
But some critics accused Mr. trump that he “decimated” by
military and mentioned his five deferments from the army in the sixties.

John Mcfarland, a veteran and
military analyst, wrote on Facebook: “I understand that trump
worthy of honor as commander in chief and he can wear the team cap, if
it is convenient but this does not mean that we, sailors and other veterans should
to endorse him .”

“If he had some
self-awareness, he wouldn’t be walking around the ship wearing that hat and jacket as he did
this, despite the fact that the dictate of the tradition and politeness”, – he added.

Note that uniform tramp
received from the team of the aircraft carrier as a gift and immediately asked if he can wear
it. This is not the first President wearing military attire. Army form
wore as Barack Obama, bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and
George W. Bush, incurring the wrath of veterans and the public.

We will remind, earlier it became known, when trump will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to The Independent – translation version
“Russian Conversation”