The head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Volodymyr viatrovych believes that in some cases it is simply impossible to establish names and dates of all buried in the Ukrainian and Polish cemeteries.

“I fully agree with the statement of the President of Duda (President of Poland Andrzej Duda – if), “discussion of historical questions is important. But it should help to build bridges and not of discord. Therefore, I appeal to politicians – historical questions should not break the level of relations between our peoples that we have today”. And can’t understand his proposals for the restoration of destroyed by the vandals Ukrainian monuments in Poland: “In respect of specific monuments – we are ready to get it back, but first it is necessary to conduct all the necessary work: to identify the persons buried, date of death, and even then go to perpetuation,” wrote V. viatrovych on his page on the social network Facebook on Wednesday .

“It seems, dear Polish President is not very familiar with the turbulent history of the last century, if you believe in the possibility of exact identification of names and dates of all the victims,” – said the head of the Ukrainian Institute of naramata.

According to him, it is often impossible to do, as in respect of Ukrainian burials, and Polish.

“This does not mean that we have the right to forget these sacrifices. This is precisely what would their executioners,” he added.