The behavior of the dictator was finally convinced of the Belarusians.

Activist of “European Belarus” from Slonim Victor Marchik said the press service of the civil campaign about what the mood of the inhabitants of the city during the epidemic of the coronavirus:

– We do not recognize that there are cases of coronavirus, but at the same time is sick with pneumonia. So we have people that have understood and have started to go in masks.

Those who can, go to the isolation. Those who are forced to work, trying to defend himself. How are we to defend ourselves? That is, even now in grocery stores, a mask for 94 cents, but sorry, these masks of this quality… no Words. It is not a defense, just a mockery!

People understand that this power is difficult to admit his mistakes and does not want to enter quarantine. But Belarusians are dissatisfied with the way in public, even on television, Lukashenko and his officials laugh at this problem. We live here, all scared for loved ones and myself, and funny. So people are very angry. Now even we, in Slonim, those who had said that Lukashenko is not such a bad ruler, had spit on it. This has largely contributed to the situation with coronavirus, when people saw how the authorities treat people. Lukashenka’s behaviour during the pandemic finally convince Belarusians that he needs to resign as soon as possible.