Known ex-participant of TV project “Dom-2” Victoria Bonia publicly called Sobchak a rotten person.

Bonya and Ksenia Sobchak, though, and were associated with participation in the TV project “Dom-2”,
no longer communicate with each other. Recently, former member of telestroke
unflattering expressed in the address leading, according to “Russian conversation”.

In one of the
live broadcasts, which can be done with his official page
social networking “Instagram”, Victoria Bonia rigidly walked leading
known Celestron. Note that the record of ether appeared in the Internet, but
soon disappeared.

the audience of admirers of Victoria, joining the direct broadcasting, was
to ask the star of her interest. One of them belonged to
the infamous celebsonline . Bonia ceremony was not very hard
expressed their attitude to Sobchak, saying that she only writes what
can help her to draw attention to an absolutely ugly person. And
Victoria did not mean the appearance of Xenia, and its inner filling. Hatred
to itself, posed by the presenter, the model explained simply: something like
envy the girl, who was early in her shadow as a project member, suddenly
has become quite popular and travels to international events.

By the way,
Bonia said something that I agree to repeat such a statement straight in the face
Sobchak, says what he thinks, instead of just watering for the back. It
I’m sure that she deserve the words addressed to her live.

Note that
the relationship between Bonneuil and Sobchak got corrupted when they were released
intimate photos of ex-participants “Houses-2”. Victoria still believes
that the hand of Xenia touched this case. After this turn of events model
stated that leading simply ceased to exist.

As a reminder, previously Victoria Bonia was supported by another popular TV project “Dom-2” Olga Buzova after the failure of the award “MUZ-TV”.