Parade on the occasion of one of the most anticipated holidays in Russia will be watching 50 cameras. The crew of the First channel promised its viewers to show footage and unexpected camera angles that will capture the spirit. The event will begin may 9 at 10:00 Moscow time.

To participate in the parade will be about 10 thousand people. The number of female soldiers who will take part in a festive procession, this year will be two times higher than in 2016. Among them, the March cadets of the Military Academy of communications named. Budyonny Military-space Academy. Mozhaisk. We’ll also see marching through red square yunarmeytsev, which will be held in the ranks of the students of the Nakhimov naval school and the Moscow and Tver Suvorov military schools.

After the cadets will pass military equipment, among which will showcase 114 units of ground equipment and 72 aircraft . First we will show a new Arctic military equipment. Mechanized part of the parade is traditionally open to the best Soviet tank T-34. We will also show a unique armored vehicles, missile systems, off-road terrain and modern Russian armored vehicles.

Flypast this year will also be very special. For the first time will take part Tu-160. “White Swan” will lead the construction of four long-range bombers Tu-22M3. “Russian knights” will fly for the first time at the parade on new su-30CM.

Take the parade will be the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu, and to lead them – commander of the Land forces Oleg Salyukov.