The fire that occurred on Saturday at the zoo of London, injuries received nine people, reported on Saturday by Bi-bi-si.

According to Bi-bi-si, eight people received medical assistance on the spot. At six was diagnosed with smoke inhalation, and two others received minor injuries. In addition, another person hospitalized in a hospital in North-West London.

Despite the fact that, according to the zoo staff immediately after the occurrence of fire began to move the animals who were near the site of ignition, in a safe place, died one aardvark named Michael, and four meerkat is believed to be missing.

Television and radio reported that the smoke was noticed by the man named Adnan Abdul Hussein, when the morning was walking his dog nearby. He called the zoo and reported it.

According to the representative of the fire service, the fire affected about three quarters of the gift shop and café, as well as the roof of the buildings . About the reasons of its occurrence is not reported.