They chose to remain under the jurisdiction of Ukraine.

During the exchange of detained persons between Ukraine and ORDO three militants “LNR” refused to leave the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government. 24 channel released a video in which they communicate with the “Ombudsman LC” Olga Kobzeva, reports

One of the men said fought against Ukraine, but now he was pardoned, so he does not want to return to the occupied territory.

“I told you, I won’t cross that line… I fought for “LNR”, and now I am pardoned, I am even like” – he said to the representatives of the astronomical clock.

“You participate in the exchange due to the fact that you expressed a desire to be released by a political agreement as a result of the exchange,” – said Kobzeva.

“I wanted to be free from liability for participating in war against Ukraine on the side of “FSC”. You understand?” said the former fighter.

“You took advantage of the moment to get procedural clearance?” asked “Ombudsman”.

“Yes, it is a kind of cleansing program”, – she answered one of the men refused to return to the occupied territory.

Edition of NV writes that to leave Ukrainian territory refused Dmitry Bojko, Dmitry Oflices and Yaroslav Boiko. Another freed refused to back the rebels-controlled territory of the Donetsk region is Viktor Rodin.

On 16 April Ukraine and militants “LDNR” held the first in 2020, the exchange of detainees. In the exchange, the militants released 20 people, and Ukraine – 14 (the militants “LNR” handed over four people, and took 11; the militants “DNR” passed 10 people, they took nine).

The previous exchange took place on 29 December 2019. With uncontrolled territories returned 76 of the Ukrainians, Ukraine has transferred 124.

In March, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine handed over to militants ORDO a list of 200 Ukrainian citizens for the upcoming exchange. Group “LDNR” said ready to transfer to Kiev in the framework of the exchange of 19 people.