Viktor Shenderovich
Photo: delfi

If salt will lose force, what will it be salted?

About the situation in Russia, writes the famous writer and satirist Viktor Shenderovich:

– It makes no sense to analyze Sechin and Bastrykin: they have no phenomenon. Perfect reptiles without complexes, they immediately cut out to be stuffed. Inside gutted Sechin found some Yukos, in the belly of the Bastrykin – the remains of people, absorbed in the investigation corridors. In the minds of so faithful Putintsev you’ll find just a bunch of grasping reflexes, and not one of cognitive dissonance. That, in fact, they are strong: had already eaten and in a good mood lay down on the floor.

But these pure minerals on earth a little bit. In the bulk we’re not scaly and prone to reflections. Looking for self-respect – and based on, you’ll laugh, traditional values! In the framework of a grid of good and evil. To not kill, to steal and to lie is bad, to kick – a shame… Well, here it is all… like mom and dad taught.

Dad and mom were taught, but then life begins. Passing, for the most part, in a gray area. You can’t write off, but it’s easier. Lying is bad, but it’s easier. Join the party ashamed, but such is life. Vote for terror terribly, but what to do? Wife, children…

ABC, “the banality of evil” – it recruits its fighters from normal people. Shaken out of the majority. Most often it occurs more or less imperceptibly, if only because the extras, in principle, to anyone anywhere no matter.

But when sucevita protagonist, in the hall starts an unhealthy excitement.

A respectable audience can understand. I-it’s okay, thinks the viewer, I people small and quiet, do not climb on the scaffolding and have the right to tap private way, but you, in the glow of spotlights and fame, what were you thinking about before? Why come out with a skull and a sword, if you are not ready to die for honor? Watch your mouth, don’t take on too much. Or even get to the bar and get drunk there before hedgehogs in memory of the lost lives…

But to roam in public from hamlets in the court servants when crowned the killer – the last thing!

About who am I? Well, let’s say, about Ella Pamfilova… anyway, about Mikhail Fedotov…. and yet… Well, Yes. In names there is no shortage, and they are on the surface – too many of them fall into the abyss of this item in the reporting of the twentieth anniversary!

What were the names. And how simply their lures as corny capitalized. What simple moves beat and turned into a sleaze. What a pity now heard their speech, and how loud sounds their silence! Looks like the predictable Stockholm syndrome.

(However, Yeltsin’s creature Pamfilova instituting the prosecution Lyubov Sobol in the desire to recover the “dashing nineties” – is, of course, beyond the banal. There’s Dostoevsky-S.)

The current violent and turbulent days if and good, the output from the grey zone. All of a sudden became crystal clear and moral choice is easy, and so easy to call things by their proper names! Man – man, shit – shit, scum – scum, the junta – the junta.

Peculiar, but happiness.

A month ago, Ella had the chance to stay a decent human being, but this fork in the road is behind us. (I wonder, incidentally, whether she understands the extent of what happened with her accident?) Today Pamfilova – shameless Putin’s nomenclature, the same price with Gorbunov and Sobyanin. “Let you rizzacasa,” as formulated once in a similar case Zinovy Gerdt.

And we model this degradation should recall the human dimension of the disaster that occurred in the twentieth anniversary of Putin’s Russia. Because there would be no Putin no division “fellow travelers” of the former decent people, without the “pure public” rushed to fit in, to participate, to cling to Apollo, to fit the boots…

Today Putin, in some sense, already there – at the end of the second decade of security officers holding ex-brains grandfather from a submersible in full occlusion, entertaining his own greatness and world conspiracy… Russia is now in the hands of a brutal and semi-anonymous police regime – a regime that rests on the indifference of some and the treachery of others.

And again and again arrives to us “Matthew”: if salt will lose force, what will it be salted?

If we are to read, and Matthew, and other good books, so easily and massively spun out, got your what to demand from those who do not tried to the language of this salt?

And yet, the spirit of freedom also blows where he wills! Who would have told me that I would be sympathetic to the frame Occimiano and it’s hard to despise a group of veterans rebuilding… But drat, survived.

And Putin – well, Putin… You tell me more about Kadyrov tell.