The project called “Stop Haram” has created one of the participants of the well-known project “Stopham”. The main goal of “Sharia patrols” to monitor the implementation of norms of “universal morality” Muslims.

According to “Russian conversation”, once a member of the project “Stopham” Islam Ismailov began patrolling the Russian capital to find as their co-religionists who smoke and drink alcoholic drinks in public places, and citizens of other nationalities who publicly violate norms of behavior in society.

Project participants noted that the most they pay attention to their co-religionists, who arriving from the Caucasus to Moscow and easy to forget about all the rules of Islam.

“Hundreds of thousands of people see our fellow believers, whom they themselves called in any case, violate the norms of morality, ethics, religious norms, drinking alcohol, prevent people are scary . We came here in order to try to convince them in the future not to do it, call them to the religion of Allah and to respect the norms of human morality,” – said Ismailov.

Islam Ismailov says that today the movement is limited to maintaining order in the territory of Komsomol square , where you can find just 3 of the station.

The members of this project conduct with violators explanatory talk while making the video recording and uploading it on your channel on the Internet.