The Petersburg taxi driver decided to “warm up” the hands on the wealthy as he, apparently, thought the tourist, demanding that 16 thousand rubles in payment for a short trip.

Information about the incident, recorded on Wednesday, March 8, published by the St. Petersburg police Department.

According to law enforcement agencies, the alien was required to go to the Starting street, when he was near the Winter Palace. The taxi driver, the cost for transporting a passenger for about 20 minutes, began to demand from the client exorbitant amount for payment of services.

The tourist got a bill for 16 thousand rubles, and was not able to exit the car before he paid for these money. From a taxi driver , he even received a receipt.

The foreign national promptly appealed to the members of the police service in order to prevent the lawless behavior of the driver. Now the guards orders to decide the question of the conduct of criminal proceedings and trying to figure out all the details of the incident.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” says Yakut, the taxi driver drove into my work car two gold bars. They were found by the local police. Currently, the find is withdrawn. It was found that the precious metal thus illegally exported from mining.